I believe that my generation enjoys quality wine more than my parent’s generation. Wine pairing with food and wine education are increasing the awareness amongst drinkers. More and more young adults now know about the different grapes and different wines that are out there.

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Sumita SarmaComment

Weinviertel has such great soil and attractive climatic conditions to make wine - but the region was "sleeping" for the longest time - but we have been working hard and all this is changing fast now!  People who used say initially "Oh, Weinviertel - not that interesting!" - now 10 years later, when they tasted our wines they are awestruck! With improved styles of wines, I am finding that finally it is paying off and we have an excellent international market demand building up.

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Spotlight on Frédéric Barnier, the man in charge of running the wine making for the Burgundy legend, Louis Jadot. His next wine dream destination as he talks about passionately, "I have always dreamt of living in New Zealand. It is so mighty but with very few people and that is the attribute I love - it is an unspoiled country! I would like to take my family during the years that it still remains quiet, untouched and wild!"

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