A contemporary wine and wellness themed blog and services; Sumi conducts wine tasting workshops and experiences across London & Surrey



Sumi is qualified to conduct Wine Master Classes, Tasting Events and Workshops for corporates and registered bodies such as PR Companies, Wine and Food Festivals and Corporates. These tastings may happen over pre-dinner drinks, networking events or team building sessions. These can be a cost effective way of hosting a celebratory evening, while also being enjoyable and informative, taking the form of formal education or informal and entertaining Wine themed social sessions. Some examples of themes are:

  • #UniversityWineChallenge - Team Based Wine Quiz Night based on a set of agreed Wines or Spirits Tasting (Buzzer round included)
  • Champagne vs Sparkling Wines Blind Tasting
  • Region or Country specific Wine Tastings (such as Italy, Germany, South Africa)
  • Comparative Single Varietal Tasting covering various regions (such as Pinot Noir from New Zealand, Australia, California and Burgundy)
  • Casual Wine & Cheese evening or afternoon
  • Indian Food pairing with Wines
  • Vertical Tasting (from the same producer covering a sequence of years)
  • Horizontal Tasting (from same variety and vintage but from different regions)- and not literally being horizontal! 
  • Indulgence Supreme (Desserts and Sweet Wines)

If you are looking at holding an event, be it formal or casual themed event,  please send a message by clicking on the contact form



If you are connected with the on trade sector (HORECA- hotels, restaurants, bars and catering companies) or off trade sector (such as supermarket and retail merchants) and you require consultancy services for curating wine menus, staff training, organising wine selections and/or writing wine reviews, please click on contact form.



Super markets, importers and wine producers who wish to have their Wines/Spirits reviewed and their profiles boosted through our on-line platform, please use the contact form for more details.  Please state clearly the label and vintage (if any) while filling up the contact form. We will send you contact details for shipping the samples. A formal professional tasting assessment will be conducted on an unbiased basis and followed up with a detailed write-up using a 100 point rating system, although this will be subject to availability of time and quality of the sample submitted. Those with favourable reviews will be published on the Sumilier Posts and/or by way of Social Media channels.  Get the latest of our monthly 'Sumilier Summaries' by filling out the subscribe form below in the red footer. Articles are written by experts in the fields and are freely available for all read.  You are also invited to connect with our social media links given below, where you can see the recent updates to our works and global drinks news.




If you are a professional or an organisation working in the area of  Wellness, Health and Fitness and/or Life style coaching, look no further! Using innovative ways, we can help create meaningful links with your clients, that can yield positive results and increased tie-ups for your business.  

Wine is a great medium to form social connections and pave the way for deeper insightful self-exploration, through the use of our senses (that we all commonly possess but which, each of us perceive in unique ways).  Sharing these perceptions and listening to each other's view points, is a good mental exercise to break the ice during coaching / networking sessions and form meaningful social bonds amongst people and if and when used skilfully, can lead to amazing results! The outcome will be a perfect balance of 'Purpose and Pleasure' which at the end, we all seek to attain in our lives. 

If you are a Coach or General Manager in charge of covering any of the establishments mentioned above and are looking at creative ways to connect with new clients or re-connect with your existing clients, do partner with us to work out a fun and warm sensory seeking exercise over a session of Wine and see your network blossom.  To discuss this further, you may connect by clicking on the contact form.



While wines and whiskies lie low maturing in their casks, SUMILIER POST is our written platform that is updated regularly. They are less of blogs and based more on a reporting style giving you quick synopsis of happenings in the drinks world. Apart from drinks, this medium is also used for reporting featured interviews with leading and  upcoming Wine producers and Distillers, Wine and Food pairing notes, Destinations, Wellness and Lifestyle experiences evolving out of wines. You can check out on the link in Sumilier Posts to read Sumi's writing style. We also have guest writers on the team who contribute on a regular basis. If you are looking for a drinks writer, please leave me a message on the contact form.