Sumita Sarma (Sumi in short) Founder of Sumilier®, is an experienced wine expert and wine presenter. She is a certified Level 4, Diploma holder from Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) a coveted institution which provides rigorous background and education for Wine and Spirit Professionals and a Level 1 in Sake from WSET as well.  She has traveled extensively over the years meeting and working with dynamic vineyard managers, innovative wine makers and talented distillers from around the world helping out in vintage harvest and as cellar hand for reputed wineries. Her experience in retail and as sommelier has helped her understand the dynamics of the service side of the industry, one that involves a high degree of meticulous approach, working under time deadlines.


Her current work involves Wine Communications using diverse media such as print, online, live masterclasses and videos as a way to share her Wine & Spirit experiences and personally she aims to reach out and answer questions to her followers about any queries they have relating to this field.   She is also one of the few women Wine Judges from India, working in International Wine Competitions. Being a writer and journalist, she is also a member of the reputed 'Circle of Wine Writers'.

Sumi is a fluent, vivacious and inspirational wine presenter and her affable and charming style of presentation makes wine events convivial while also being educative. Sumi is also available to host Masterclasses, Wine Tasting Events for PR companies, Wine Tourism bodies, Food and Wine Festivals and private events to showcase quality and accessible wines from around the world.  In the past, has also been a radio presenter, co-producing 'Sumilier Wine Show', now available free to hear and download as Wine Podcasts covering the latest in the world of wines for South Waves Radio, a former speech and drama station in England. 

Coming from India, it has not been an easy journey moving from a traditional career in banking into her current role which has required her to overcome numerous cultural and social barriers. Firstly for the fact that she is from a country with not much of a wine history, especially during an era (in the 1980s) when it was traditionally unacceptable to be associated with any form of alcoholic beverages and secondly entering in as a woman in a business that has hitherto been dominated by the male gender. Formally, a chartered accountant with an international human resources degree, she has a number of years under her belt working in Finance and Banking, then later on in Talent Recruitment in her prior profession. Underlying all through, was her latent fascination for wines. A stint working in Asia brought alive that wine passion and from then on there was no looking back. Since 2010, she took on extensive world-wide travels, plunging in to learn from leading producers so as to hone her wine skill set, while at the same time taking up the formal route of studying wines. Through her tenacious approach, she has proved that it is possible to break away from generic stereotypes. 'Sumilier' was born out of this concept to share her unrelenting wine passion. She strongly supports and inspires women to follow their heart through her featured 'Women in Wine' posts in Sumilier which celebrates achievements of women. Currently living in London, while she deeply supports Indian and English wines, she also has a soft corner for producers around the world who are committed towards quality and sustainability, in their persistent efforts to revive indigenous grapes or experiment with newer styles of wines. 

Mostly sociable and occasionally cocooned away with wines, family or seeking outdoor pursuits; certainly always curious - in particular, the Sumilier Posts are about Wine & Spirit updates, news and tastings from diverse, beautiful regions of the world. They are less of blogs and more of a platform for reporting stories, featured posts, trends and keeping upto date with the latest in the world of wine and spirits. As a long distance endurance runner and a pilates enthusiast, Sumi is passionate about promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle. According to her, pursuing wellness helps to regulate and hone the epicurean appetite and hence the reason for incorporating both in our website. 


Click on Gallery Page for some of my photographs to do some talking. These are a few of the snap shots, taken on my journeys across the Wine Lands.   Some also get posted on Twitter (where I manage to contain myself within 140 characters!) and on Instagram on the right (where I dedicate my newly acquired h(u)sh tag language!) also which you can follow.