I am Sumita Sarma (Sumi in short), a certified Level 4, Diploma holder from Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) a coveted institution which provides rigorous background and education for Wine and Spirit Professionals.  I have been travelling extensively over the last 6-7 years meeting and working with dynamic vineyard managers, innovative wine makers and talented distillers from around the World. 2015 ended on a high note with Harvest at the English vineyard, Denbies Estate (Europe's largest private estate) and assisting in the production of Vintage 2015.



I write and share my Wine & Spirit adventures and also aim to personally answer questions and share information with my followers about any queries they have relating to this field.   I also host Wine Tasting Events and Experiences for Private and Corporate clients to share the art of appreciating this delicate product.  Having done a few stints in retail with Boutique merchants, my goal is to promote interesting and unique value driven wines.  My mission is not only to match your palate with wines you can enjoy, but also to diversify your taste buds into understanding what makes each wine distinct.  To visit my Blogs, you may click here.

As a Chartered Accountant and Human Resources personnel, I am lucky to have learnt the art of managing two paradoxical fields - accountability of wealth and accountability of people who create it.  And while many have wondered why add wine to this mix (of ACA and HR?), the most simplistic answer that I have come up with has been ..."the latter gives me HONOUR and the former gives me PLEASURE and I need BOTH".  Meeting and listening to Winemakers got me into the route of tasting, appreciating (more tasting!), eventually leading me into the formal route of studying, working, talking and writing (in the same order!) about Wines.  

A long distance endurance runner and a pilates enthusiast, I am very passionate about promoting a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle and hence the reason for FUSION OF Wines with Wellness. Add in some soulful Music, Rhythm and Beats, it creates the essence of a positive spirited life. 

Mostly sociable and occasionally cocooned away in Wines, Family and Outdoor adventure world; a  bit satisfied and mostly curious - In particular my Blogs are about Wine & Spirit stories and tastings form various countries and whenever possible, pairing wines with Vegetarian and Vegan foods. The long road into the mystical world of Wine & Spirits is laden with more questions than answers that I seek to find- Subjective at the same time Objective; Rational and irrational; Definitive yet unpredictable! That is what is so appealing about Wines. 


Click on Gallery Page for some of my photographs to do some talking. These are a few of the snap shots, taken on my journeys across the Wine Lands.   Some also get posted on Twitter (where I manage to contain myself within 140 characters!) and on Instagram on the right (where I dedicate my newly acquired h(u)sh tag language!) also which you can follow.